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MonstarzGirl Wild West Dress by MonstarzGirl
MonstarzGirl Wild West Dress
Inspired by :iconblackwolfstar15: picture of herself in a cowboy western showgirl dress, I was thinking of having myself in a dress like that.
Other than having pink or blue, I chose to have my dress in my second favorite color: purple. I also even love the Spanish/Mexican design of dresses, so I settled for something that fits into that category.

As a nod to my friend :iconblackwolfstar15: revision of "The Outside Characters", I could imagine this dress being something for a world where Victoria (me) would disguise herself as a showgirl on a stage of some bar/tavern and sing as well as dance to a song. Along with a nod to a certain villain she gets paired up with in an upcoming Book II of the story, she would be wearing something like this if she were to do the dance from The Mask of Zorro with a certain mutated chimp by the name of Mojo Jojo.

Story belongs to :iconoslocarter: and revision belongs to :iconblackwolfstar15: while Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls belongs to Craig McCracken, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network.
Movies and characters mentioned belong to respective owners.
I own Victoria (me).
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I'm so glad that tomorrow I'll be starting a yoga/pilates class at my old college on Tuesday nights!
Since Sunday and today, I've been celebrating my parents' wedding anniversary and dined out: a brunch at a hotel where I celebrated my mom's birthday last year and a seafood dinner. Talk about A LOT of food, but totally worth it to celebrate 30 years of my parents being married together as they stayed loving and strong through both the good and bad times. :heart:

Anywho, I'm pretty excited about starting the classes and being able to get into shape before my brother's wedding. I can't wait to try out yoga/pilates, along with having a dance class in June on Monday nights. I hope that I can sign up for more by not only making friends and getting into shape, but to also have some fun.
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Victoria's POV

I walked around the jungle a bit and grabbed myself a ripe coconut. I used my tail to hold the coconut and flung it towards a tree trunk, causing the fruit to break in half. I picked up half and began to chew on some of the meat. I ate the meat on the other half, then I heard loud screaming. I felt my ears twitch and heard some roars, then I ran towards the noises.

I climbed onto a tree to get a better view and kept a safe distance, seeing Pumbaa being chased by a lioness with a cream pelt and blue eyes. I thought I saw those eyes from somewhere, but I focused on what was going on and saw Pumbaa get himself stuck under a big tree root. Timon dashed over fast and said, "Pumbaa, what's going on?" Pumbaa tried to dig his way out and screamed, "SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!"

I see the lioness come charging over, then Timon tries pushing Pumbaa's butt to make him go free and says, "Geez! Why do I always have to save your... AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Just when the lioness was about to close in for the kill, I jumped down as Simba sprang towards the lioness. Simba and I began to fight the lioness, but she was fast and fierce. I managed to knock her off when she pinned me, then she tackled Simba and rolled around.

I looked to see her pin Simba down in a way that I knew and rushed over towards her. I said at the same time as Simba, "Nala?" The lioness backs away and looks at us, then Simba gets up and asks, "Is it really you?" I know it's Nala by her eyes and I can't believe how much she's grown. She asked us with a raised brow, "Who are you?" I looked at her and said, "It's us, Simba and Victoria. I used to watch over the two of you and stayed with you when we were at the elephant graveyard. You two were cubs at the time. Remember?"

Nala looked at us with squinted eyes and asked, "Simba? Victoria?" The both of us nodded, then Nala's eyes widened as she let out a happy shout, "WHOOOOAAAAA!" We all did the same, then we jumped around happily as we were reunited with an old friend. The three of us said, "But how did you?"

Simba jumped up and squeaked, "Wow!"

Nala asked happily, "Where did you come from?"

I said, "This is cool! It's great seeing ya again, Nala!"

Nala smiled, "It's great to see you!"

Simba asked, "What are you doing here?"

Nala said, "What do you mean what am I doing here? What are you two doing here?"

"HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Timon shouted over our excitement. I looked at him and said, "Timon, meet Nala. She's our best friend. Pumbaa, come over here! It's okay!" Pumbaa got himself unstuck and walked towards us. Simba gave the introductions and said, "Nala, this is Pumbaa. Pumbaa, Nala." Pumbaa smiled, "Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Nala said, "The pleasure's all mine."

Timon said, "How do you do... Whoa, whoa! Time out! Let me get this straight. You know her, she knows you, but she wants to eat him and everyone's okay with this? DID I MISS SOMETHING?!"

Simba held back a laugh at Timon's outburst and said, "Relax, Timon."

Nala said, "Wait until everyone finds out you've been here all this time! And your mother, what would she think?" Simba seemed a bit hurt about Sarabi being mentioned and sighed, "She doesn't have to know. No one does." Nala said, "Well, of course they do. Everyone thinks you and Victoria are dead." I couldn't believe my ears when she told us that and asked, "They do?"

She sadly said, "Yeah, Scar told us about the stampede."

I said as I heard about Scar and tried to keep calm, "He did? What else did he say?"

Nala says, "What else matters? You're both alive." She looked at Simba and said, "And that means you're the king." Timon said, "King? Pffbt! Lady, have you got your lions crossed." Pumbaa looks at Simba in awe and says, "King? Your Majesty, I gravel at your feet!" He grabs Simba's paw and noisily kisses it, which makes me giggle quietly. Simba pulls his paw away and says, "Stop it."

Timon said to Pumbaa, then turned his attention to Simba, "It's not gravel; it's grovel. And don't! He's not the king! Are ya?"

Simba said, "No!"

Nala and I said shocked, "Simba!"

Simba said, "No, I'm not the king! Maybe I was gonna be, but that was a long time ago."

Timon looked at him and said, "Let me get this straight! You're the king and you never even told us?"

Simba said, "Look, I'm still the same guy!"

"But with power!" Timon said.

Nala looked at the warthog and meerkat saying, "Could you please excuse us for a few minutes?" Timon shrugs, "Hey. Whatever she has to say, she can say in front of us. Right, Simba?" I looked at everyone, then Simba said, "Hmmm, maybe you'd better go." Timon sighs in defeat, "It starts. Ya think ya know a guy." The two walked away, then Simba looked at me and asked, "Are you going to stay here or not?"

I shuffled my foot and said, "Nah, I'll just go for a walk to clear my mind. I'll be okay by myself." Nala said, "Okay, Victoria." I walked out of the jungle and hummed to the song I sang yesterday when I had my breakdown, went across a path that goes over a river, and watched the sunset. I looked over my shoulder to see Simba and Nala walking over a little later.

I said, "Hey, guys. How did things go?"

Simba said, "Okay, Victoria. I showed Nala around the jungle. Isn't this a great place?"

Nala said, "It is beautiful, but I don't understand. You and Victoria have been alive all this time. Why didn't you two go back to Pride Rock?" Before I could answer, Simba got himself into some vines that made a sort of hammock and said, "Well, we just needed to get out on our own, live our own lives, and we did. And it's great!"

Nala said, "We've really needed you at home."

Simba scoffs, "No one needs us."

I said, "I think everyone at Pride Rock does. Simba, runaway or not, you're still the heir to the throne and the king." Simba said to me as he tried not to get angry, "Victoria, I've been through this with Nala and the others. I'm not the king; Scar is." Nala said, "Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pridelands."

Simba said in disbelief, "What?"

Nala continued, "Everything's destroyed! There's no food, no water... Simba, if you and Victoria don't do something soon, everyone will starve!" Simba sadly says and gets off the vine hammock, "I can't. You wouldn't understand." Nala looked at him in disbelief and became upset asking, "Why? What wouldn't I understand?" Simba sighed, "It doesn't matter. Hakuna Matata."

Nala raised her brow in confusion, "What?"

Simba explained, "Hakuna Matata. It's something we learned out here. Look, sometimes bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. So why worry?" I began to go with Nala's reasons and said, "Because it's your responsibility, just like I am responsible for your safety since I'm a member of Mufasa's pride! I made a vow to keep you safe and be an older sister to you when you were very little, even before you started learning to walk!"

Simba glared at me and said, "You did a good job at it. You don't need to now; I'm not a cub anymore, Victoria." He turned his attention to Nala and said, "Well, what about you? You left?" Nala said, "I left to find help and I found the both of you! Don't you understand? You're our only hope!" Simba scoffed, "Sorry."

Nala looked at Simba hurt and said, "What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I remember."

Simba sneered, "You're right. I'm not. Now are you satisfied?"

Nala shot back, "No. Just disappointed."

Simba said, "You know, you and Victoria are starting to sound like my father." As he began to walk away, Nala said, "Good, at least one of us does." Simba turned to us hotly and snapped, "Listen! You think you can show up here and tell me how to live my life? You don't even know what Victoria and I have been through!" Simba stalks off as Nala calls after him, "I would if you would just tell me!"

"FORGET IT!" Simba hollered.

"FINE!" Nala shouted back.

I said to myself, "I can't believe he's acting like a jerk now." Nala walked away with her head low, then I walked towards her to see some tears run down her cheeks. I said, "Hey, it's gonna be okay. I'll talk to him. I'll explain later."

Nala sighed, "Thanks, Victoria. About Scar, he tried to take advantage of me when he asked me to be his queen. I refused by fighting back to defend myself and ran away not only to get help, but also for safety." I nuzzled Nala for comfort and said, "You did the right thing by rejecting his proposal and running off. I'll go find Simba, okay?"

I ran off to find Simba pacing around in the grass where I went to yesterday from my breakdown. He stopped pacing and looked at the night sky, then cried out, "YOU SAID YOU'D ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME! But you're not. It's because of me. It's my fault. It's my fault..." I could hear Simba sob silently and got towards him. I nuzzled his face to wipe his tears away and heaved a small sigh.

Simba looked at me, then we heard someone singing off in the distance, "Asante sana squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana! Asante sana squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana!" We walked across the log and rested on it, then I said, "I can see you've found my little place. I come here for my walks and when I need some space." Simba said to break the silence, "Yeah, it's nice here. Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you. It's just that-" Before he could continue, a pebble fell into the water with a tiny splash and we heard the same voice singing again.

We looked at a tree and saw a familiar baboon that I recognized instantly: Rafiki. He swung around on a branch and sang, "Asante sana squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana!" I held back a giggle at his antics, but Simba rolled his eyes and huffed, "C'mon. Will you cut it out?" Rafiki laughs, "Can't cut it out! It grow right back!" We walked away as Simba muttered, "Creepy little monkey."

We noticed that Rafiki's following us and Simba, then Simba demanded, "Will you stop following us? Who are you?" I noticed that he has his staff and a familiar bag of mine is in his other hand, along with some kind of flask made out of an empty coconut. Rafiki said, "The question is who are you?" Before we could say anything, I asked as I looked at Rafiki, "Rafiki, is that you?"

He smiled, "None other. I believe this belongs to you." He hands me the bag and I opened the zipper with my teeth carefully to see my camera, notebook, compass, knife, map, and binoculars. I smiled and closed the backpack up, "Thank you. You still know us?" Rafiki said, "Yes, child. Come closer, it's a secret." He holds Simba's ear and sings again, "Asante sana squash banana, wewe nugu mimi hapana!"

I burst into a fit of giggles, but Simba groans, "Enough already! What's that supposed to mean anyway?" Rafiki said, "It means you are a baboon and I'm not." Simba walks away and says, "I think you're a little confused." Rafiki stops Simba by poking his nose and says, "Wrong! I am not the one who's confused. You don't even know who you are!"

Simba sarcastically responds, "Oh, and I suppose you do?"

Rafiki said, "Sure do. You're Mufasa's boy and she's a human turned into a leopard during a near-death experience." Simba looked over his shoulder and I did, then Rafiki said, "Bye." He runs off, then we go after him.
The Lion King: Through Her Eyes Ch 12
Here's Chapter 12 of the story!
Sorry for the wait with work, making visuals, adjusting chapters, etc.

How was that one? That's a long one to write, but the next one's gonna be a bit longer. What is Rafiki holding besides his staff? How did he get Victoria's bag? What answers will Simba and Victoria find? Why am I asking all these questions? Okay, I hope you like where this is going so far! I only own my OC Victoria (me); the characters and the movie The Lion King belong to Disney respectfully. Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

Pumbaa, Simba, and I found a good pond with bubbles coming out, then we relaxed. We waited for Timon as Pumbaa explained, "And that's why they call it a dung beetle." Simba cringed, "Eww, you don't say. And yet still tasty." Pumbaa sighed, "Oh, yeah. And they're my favorite, too." I said, "Not a big fan of those, but I have to say the rhino beetle has a nice zing." I looked to see Timon have a leaf around his waist and smiled, "C'mon in, Timon. There's room for one more."

I move over a little to give Timon room, then the meerkat places his foot in and slides himself in. He sighs, "Ahh, just what the doctor ordered."

Simba said, "Four pals and no worries."

I sighed, "Yeah, what more could you want? This is Shangri-La. Paradise."

We all sigh, then Pumbaa smacks his lips and says, "I'm bushed. I think I'm gonna turn in." He gets out of the pond, making the bubbles end and us stare at each other. We all looked at the water and became grossed out, then Timon jumped out saying, "I'm out!"

Simba says as he jumps out, "Right behind you!"

I jumped out after Simba and Timon saying, "Eww, don't leave me alone!" We ran as fast as we could, then we took a breather and I sighed, "I hope he didn't pop a squat in there or the fish could've died." Simba held back a laugh and said, "Yeah, that would really be bad." I started to climb up a tree, used my paw to toss down some fruit, and I got myself a couple of mangos as I curled myself onto a branch.

I said to the boys, "Help yourselves, fellas."

The boys said, "Thanks, Vivi."

Simba calls up, "Mind if I join you?"

I looked over and said, "Yeah, there's another branch below me. You're more than welcome to it, Simba." He climbs up the tree with the fruit in his mouth, lays himself down on the branch, and eats the fruit in content. As I was eating my mango, I started thinking about my family and how long I've been gone. I still feel homesick and miss everyone.

When I was in my thoughts, I felt something creak under me and felt the branch start breaking. I held on as I could and looked to see Simba land the ground safely. I heard Simba shouting, "Victoria, jump! Jump!" I held on and almost had a nightmare of seeing Scar's face, seeing him pierce his claws into my skin and say when he looked into my eyes with a piercing gaze, "You'll be joining my dear brother soon."

I screamed and fell backwards, then I landed on something soft to break my fall and I was shaking. I found myself in a pile of leaves and looked to see everyone rush over towards me. Simba nuzzled my cheek and asked, "Vivi, what happened? Are you hurt? Why didn't you jump off?" I felt sick to my stomach and said, "I...I couldn't hear you, Simba. I saw...I saw Scar and... I need to get some air."

I ran off ignoring everyone calling my name, got towards a clearing that has a long log over a stream, and laid myself down on the log as I started crying. I wept, "I wish you weren't killed, Mufasa. I don't know what to do anymore. I still miss my family and I just want to go home." I looked at the sunset and the clouds took the shape of a lion. As the sky grew darker, I sang softly when the wind gently blew around me:

    Imba wimbo

    Wa upepo

    Wakati unajiwa na

    Imba wimbo wa upepo

    Wakati ndoto tamu

    Lala mpaka usiku uisheni

    Upepo wa usiku

    Wimbo wanko na

    Wimbo wangu inaendelea

    Upepo wa usiku

    Wimbo wanko na

I looked at the water and saw my reflection, seeing my face as it was when I was human. I touched my face to feel some skin, but I felt fur instead. I heaved a small sigh and decided to head back. I looked to see the boys eating a ton of bugs and joined them in eating. Timon asked, "Vivi, you okay? You kinda flipped out and ran off." I sighed, "I'm okay, Timon. It's nothing, just a little shaken up from falling."

Simba asked, "Are you sure? You said something about Scar."

I said, "It's nothing, Simba. Honest. Just a little touch of vertigo."

We ate dinner, then we got towards the usual spot where we would look at the stars and Simba let out a huge burp. Timon said, "Whoa! Nice one, Simba."

Simba said, "Thanks."

I let out a burp and held back a giggle, "Excuse me."

Timon said, "Better out than in or the other end."

I sighed, "Yeah. I'm stuffed."

Pumbaa sighed, "Me too. I eat like a pig."

Simba said, "Pumbaa, you are a pig."

Pumbaa said, "Oh, right."

We all take a deep breath and sigh, then Pumbaa smacks his lips and asks, "Timon, ever wondered what those sparkling dots are up there?" Timon said, "Pumbaa, I don't wonder. I know. They're fireflies, fireflies all stuck up in this big bluish-back thing." I rolled my eyes at the comment, then Pumbaa said, "Oh, gee. I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away."

Timon said, "Pumbaa, with you, everything's gas."

I said, "Well, he's right though. But Simba and I think those stars mean something else." The two started to ask us as Simba and I didn't feel like talking about it, then we gave in. Simba said, "Well, somebody once told us that the great kings of the past are up there watching over us." Pumbaa seemed interested and asked, "Really?"

Timon asks, "You mean a bunch of royal dead guys are watching us?" In a few seconds, he started sputtering as he tried not to laugh and started laughing. Pumbaa laughed along, then Simba and I lightly chuckled. Timon laughed, "Who told you something like that? What mook made that up?"

I sighed, "Yeah, pretty catchy."

Simba said, "Pretty dumb, huh?"

I looked at Simba sadly, starting to think about what Mufasa told us before he died and got up. Simba followed my example and we walked towards the edge of a cliff. Simba heaved a sigh as he tiredly fell to the grass and leaves, seeds, and some flower petals fell around in the breeze. I curled myself into a ball to keep warm and rested next to Simba.

Third Person POV

Over in the savannah by morning, everything is dry except for a familiar mango tree. The leaves, petals, and seeds flew around from the oasis, then Rafiki caught them in his hand and sniffed. He caught familiar scents and was in deep thought, then he got down from the branches and placed the contents into a big turtle shell. He shuffles them around a bit, then cracks a mango open and eats it.

Rafiki smelled the flower petals and seeds, then he looked at his mural and said to himself, "Simba? Victoria? They're...they're alive? THEY'RE ALIVE!" He happily grabs his staff, screeches with joy as he puts some red fruit paste onto the small picture of Simba to create a mane, and paints a pink lotus near the picture of the human girl and black leopard. Rafiki looked at the mural and smiled, "It is time!" He began to gather some needed plants in his tree that he saved, some roots, the flower petals, and a small coconut shell filled with water. Rafiki said to himself, "I think she'll be ready to be back to her original form."
The Lion King: Through Her Eyes Ch 11
Here's Chapter 11!

How's that one? Sorry for the wait, but I had to fix some spelling/punctuation for my other fanfics. Plus, I needed to get some ideas. It looks like Victoria's trying to find her old self, is still sad over the loss of Mufasa, and that Rafiki knows that the two are alive. I don't own the song; all rights to Disney. I only own my OC Victoria. I hope you guys like where this is going so far! Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

Next chapter:…

The Outside Characters: Rose and Dawn by MonstarzGirl
The Outside Characters: Rose and Dawn
As a birthday gift to :iconkaronabhm: here is her OC Rose and her little stuffed black leopard Dawn as a cute little kitten.
This outfit will be what Rose would wear whenever she relaxes at the Blue House after going to some worlds from some Disney movies, along with an outfit for Book II when she comes back with the group along with a certain vizier to the Sultan: Jafar.

The old story version of The Outside Characters belongs to OsloCarter while the newer revision belongs to my friend :iconblackwolfstar15: along with Rose and Dawn belonging to :iconkaronabhm: respectively.
Made using:…
The Outside Characters OC Voice Meme by MonstarzGirl
The Outside Characters OC Voice Meme
Okay, for my pal :iconoslocarter: story "The Outside Characters" and as a Part II for her birthday, here's an OC voice meme I made.

Alicia: ( :iconhopeless-romance45: ) The self-proclaimed leader of the group. In the story, she once shared a strong bond with Jenna, and goes great lengths to try and reunite with her friend, but she doesn't realize that she is one of the few people wanted by the Master Villain. She and Hannah have a rivalry with each other. Her special weapon is a golden pin that can emit psychic beams, and she also has psychic powers that allow her to form force fields to protect herself and see a few minutes into the future. She will get paired with Genie from Aladdin.

Hannah: ( :iconoslocarter: ) The main protagonist of the story. In the story, she grieves over the loss of her friend and favourite author Jenna, only to find out she's alive in the Disney Universe and becomes friends with the girls who join her, and she becomes a target for the Master Villain, along with Lulu and Alicia. She cares deeply for many of the Disney Villains, including Frollo and the Horned King. Her partner and boyfriend is a reformed Frollo from Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and her special weapon is her iPod that can emit loud soundwaves from the music she plays from it.

Victoria: (me) In the story, she joins the characters to help protect the Disney Villains after destroying their vessels and bringing them to the Blue House, and makes friends with most of the Disney characters. Her companion is the guard dog from Disney's The Black Cauldron who is named Lupin and her sidekick is Creeper also from The Black Cauldron. Her special weapon is her locket with a photo of her family that gives her the power of flight and wind, and rose petals circle around her when in use and the locket changes color when paired with earrings or other jewelry. Her boyfriend and eventual match will be none other than Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls (who would be tall like in my PPG fanfic).

Kayla: ( :iconkaylakisseskangaroos: ) In the story, she joins the characters to protect the Disney Villains from the Master Villain after destroying their vessels and bringing them to the Blue House. She befriends just about every animal from the worlds they visit in the Disney Universe. Her special weapons are a pair of magic earrings that enable her to talk to animals of any kind, which can come in handy for most occasions but sometimes gets her into trouble. Her boyfriend and match will be Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet.

Alex/Alexis: ( :iconblackwolfstar15: ) In the story, she meets the girls and joins the girls on their mission to battle the Disney Villains and defeat the Master Villain. Her companions are Nikki, Kaltag, and Star from Balto, while her special weapon will be her necklace that turns her into any dog breed she can think of when she touches the Golden Retriever charm on it. Her match and boyfriend will be Randall Boggs from Monsters Inc.

Lulu: ( :iconlulucalliope: ) In the story, she is a cheerful child at heart, but she has a dark secret that has haunted her since childhood; she has the same bad dream about the Master Villain almost every night. Her partner and boyfriend is Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and her special weapon is a magic TV remote that can freeze a person and rewind them, but only for a limited time.

Rose: (:iconkaronabhm:) In the story, she joins the characters and travels throughout the Disney Universe with them to destroy the Disney Villains' vessels and bring them to the Blue House before they could be murdered by the Master Villain. Her sidekick and special weapon is her beloved stuffed black panther named Dawn who comes to life, which she can turn into a small panther cub when docile and into a larger panther in battle mode or as a mode of transportation when needed. Rose's match is Jafar from Aladdin.

Yvette: (OC by :iconoslocarter:) In the story, she is a horror fanfic writer and aspiring mechanic/inventor who reluctantly joins the characters on their adventures to protect the Disney Villains after fighting them and destroying their vessels before they'll be murdered by the Master Villain. She starts off as rude and obnoxious to the girls and everyone they meet, but through their adventures, she starts warming up to the group and starts caring about them more and becomes a little nicer. Her partner is Don Karnage from TaleSpin, who develops a strong crush on her, and her weapon is her lucky wrench that acts as a sorcerer's wand and emits magic blasts.

Ali/Alison:  (:iconunderworldlegends:) In the story, she meets the girls and joins them on their mission to find the Disney Villains and take them to the Blue House after destroying their vessels. Her special weapon is a ruby ring that gives her the power of fire, something she is very afraid of, but the girls help her control her powers without being afraid of them. Her boyfriend and match will be Hades from Hercules.

Jenna: Based on the late xXTheDevilsAdvocateXx on and :iconrandallsulleylove:. In the story, Jenna nearly faces a tragedy that could claim her life, but she is transported to the Disney universe by Evangeline to help her recover and see the light in her life again. For about a couple of years, she's been going around the Disney universe to help many of the villains of many beloved childhood Disney films and tests them to see if they could truly reform. She managed to befriend and change few of them, but her work was interrupted when the mysterious Master Villain kidnapped her for his plot to take over the Disneyverse and he started killing them one by one. She manages to escape when she learns that her friends from the Outer World (our planet Earth a.k.a. the real world) and some other girls are also in the Disneyverse, so she goes from world to world looking for them and reunite with her long-lost friends. Like the other girls, she is gifted with special powers. She is able to teleport to different worlds and has the power over starlight, kinda similar to how Elsa from Frozen has the power over ice and snow.

Blank meme belongs to :iconsukanar: respectively.
:iconoslocarter: owns her story as well as her OCs Hannah and Yvette. I only own Victoria (me).
Rose and Dawn belong to :iconkaronabhm:
Alicia belongs to :iconhopeless-romance45:
Alexis belongs to :iconblackwolfstar15:
Kayla belongs to :iconkaylakisseskangaroos:
Lulu belongs to :iconlulucalliope:
Alison belongs to :iconunderworldlegends:
The Disney movies and mentioned characters from the movies belong to their respective owners while Mojo Jojo is owned by Warner Bros, Craig McCracken, and Cartoon Network respectively. Also, Discord from MLP belongs to HUB/Discover Family respectively. The characters from the movie Balto belong to Universal Studios respectively.
Toony-Tornado Birthday Gift by MonstarzGirl
Toony-Tornado Birthday Gift
As a birthday gift for :icontoony-tornado: here she is in her very own Wonderland.
Alice in Wonderland belongs to Lewis Carroll respectively as well as Disney.
Made using:…
Space Jam OCs Wonderland by MonstarzGirl
Space Jam OCs Wonderland
From my Space Jam fanfics, here are my OCs ready to go on their journey through the mysterious and magical world of Wonderland.
Left to right starting from the top: Nada Sampons (Blanko's girlfriend), Victoria Rath (Bang's girlfriend), Amber Peterson (Bupkus' girlfriend), Lindsay Stewart (Pound's girlfriend), Heather Deveroux (Nawt's girlfriend), and Bianca Sampson (Nada's sister).

I only own my OCs; the characters from Space Jam and the movie Space Jam itself belongs to Warner Bros respectively. Alice in Wonderland belongs to Lewis Carroll respectively.
Made using:…
Gonna have to cancel the idea of a Jungle Book fanfic.
I'm a little unsure, along with having A TON of ideas with my Tarzan and Lion King stories as well as doing a modern twist with The Legend of Tarzan by having my OCs along with Kerchak being alive.
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Outside Characters: Victoria Dancer Outfit by MonstarzGirl
Outside Characters: Victoria Dancer Outfit
Here's a little pic of me for :iconoslocarter: story "The Outside Characters", now revised/continued by :iconblackwolfstar15:.
While taking a break from visiting the worlds, I would read, use the gym, give makeovers to the girls, playing some music on the piano, or swim around during my spare time. Here I am dressed up whenever I would do my favorite hobby of all: dancing. For years of taking dance lessons, I would be doing some dances in forms of ballet/pointe, modern, Latin/Spanish, jazz, tap, ballroom, hip-hop, and lyrical. Now I'm dressed up to brush up on my ballet techniques. Also, my locket is swapped for a black satin choker to keep it safe.

In the story (possibly when Book 2 takes place), I later get paired up with a certain mutated chimpanzee: Mojo Jojo. Although the two of us would be having a strong dislike of each other at first, we get along well and Mojo is awestruck/stunned at seeing how gracefully I dance.
I hope you like it.

Story belongs to :iconoslocarter:
I own me; Mojo Jojo belongs to Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and Craig McCracken respectfully.
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I'm so glad that tomorrow I'll be starting a yoga/pilates class at my old college on Tuesday nights!
Since Sunday and today, I've been celebrating my parents' wedding anniversary and dined out: a brunch at a hotel where I celebrated my mom's birthday last year and a seafood dinner. Talk about A LOT of food, but totally worth it to celebrate 30 years of my parents being married together as they stayed loving and strong through both the good and bad times. :heart:

Anywho, I'm pretty excited about starting the classes and being able to get into shape before my brother's wedding. I can't wait to try out yoga/pilates, along with having a dance class in June on Monday nights. I hope that I can sign up for more by not only making friends and getting into shape, but to also have some fun.
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Hi, I'm MonstarzGirl.

I'm a fanfic writer and write some fanfics for fun. I WRITE FOR FUN, NOT FOR PROFIT! NO FLAMES OR MEAN COMMENTS!!! I'm a musical enthusiast and fan of Disney/Non-Disney movies, old classic films, etc. I'm an animal lover and have a big sweet tooth.

I wrote fanfics involved with Space Jam, Nightmare Before Christmas, Powerpuff Girls, The Lion King, Tarzan, Gargoyles, The Phantom of the Opera, etc. Also, I'm an animal lover and own four dogs.

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