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Victoria's POV

I woke up a little bit and got out of my sleeping bag. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened yesterday from being chased by baboons, being able to talk to animals, meeting Tarzan, and being threatened by a silverback. I pushed the thoughts away and walked out of the tent with a little bottle of shampoo, conditioner, a bar of soap, and my razor. I looked at the empty tub and decided to get some water. I looked to see some buckets and picked two up, then I looked to see Clayton bring some buckets of water over towards the tub.

I walked away to gather some for myself, then got towards a river that has a huge waterfall cascading from the mountains. I looked to see some elephants near the water and gathered some in the buckets without any problems, then I headed back towards the camp. I looked to see the tub vacant and saw Clayton bringing something hot near the tub. I placed the buckets of water down, then Clayton said, "Oh, Miss Rath. I thought I saw you leave and come back. I trust you slept well?"

I said as I kept calm, "Yes, very well. Um, what's in the bucket there?" Clayton said as he places one of my buckets into the tub, "Hot coals. I figured that you might want a hot bath to wake yourself up more." I said a bit unsure, "Thank you." I got towards the tub and looked at him as he stood there with his arms folded. I said in an annoyed tone, "Do you mind, Mr. Clayton?"

Clayton said, "Just call me George, Victoria."

I didn't like the way he's acting, pulled a long fabric as a shower drape, and mumbled softly, "Get bent." I slipped out of my chemise, got into the water, and began to wash myself. I washed my hair with shampoo, shaved my legs and armpits, and put some conditioner on my strands. I peeked out of the curtain to see no one there, but found a folded towel on the ground.

I climbed out of the tub as I wrapped the towel around my body and got towards the tent. I looked to see Jane awake and smiled, "Good morning, Jane." She stretched a bit and said, "Good morning, Victoria. I see you've washed." I said, "There's some more cleaner water for you." She got towards her suitcase to get her things to wash with, along with a change of clothes and said as she walked out, "Thank you."

I brushed my hair out, then tied it into a half-back with an elastic. I got through my suitcase, found a mint top with an off-the-shoulder neckline and 3/4 length sleeves, and an emerald green skirt that reached my knees. I slipped my clothes on and walked out of the tent to get myself some breakfast, which was biscuits and gravy. I looked to see everyone awake and saw Jane walk out. She wore her hair similar to mine with a few strands out, a yellow shirt, and a forest green skirt with a brown belt.

I offered Jane a plate of hot biscuits with gravy and said, "Here's some for you." Jane takes the plate and smiles, "Thank you. So anything we can do today?" I shrugged, "Well, I guess we could walk around a bit. Only if we don't encounter those baboons again or bump into some angry male with huge testosterone, as well as high aggression levels."

Jane held back a laugh, "I couldn't agree with you more, Victoria. Oh, is it alright if I call you by Vicky?" I smiled, "I'm okay with Victoria, Vicky, and Vivi. Any of these is fine by me." I looked to see Clayton wrap an arm around my shoulder, which made me get a bit miffed as he said, "I wouldn't mind joining you ladies and keep you safe." I rolled my eyes and said, "Thanks, but no thanks. This is quality girl time."

I lightly nudged Jane, who looked at me and nodded to get the memo. She said, "Yes, that's right! We didn't get a chance to since the whole baboon incident and after fixing everything in the camp. Is it alright, Daddy?" Professor Porter looked at the two of us and said with a light chuckle, "Oh, alright. But be safe you two and try not to get lost." Jane and I grinned as we gave a little high-five, "Yes!"

I smiled, "I'll just grab my camera and backpack, then we're all set." I got up from my spot, ran towards the tent to get my backpack, and checked everything to be okay since my last encounter with the baboons. I looked at Jane and asked, "Got some more paper left from your sketchbook?" She said as she gets up and moves towards the tent, "I'll find out. I think I do."

In a few seconds later, she came out with a book and pencil saying, "Righto, I still have some left. I even brought an extra one in case." I said, "I hope you're not mad, but I took the sketch from you and gave it to the baboons. They were mad at us a bit, but they took it fine when I gave it back to them after the whole scuffle. I still have a picture of the little rascal and you could use it as a reference for a sketch."

Jane smiled a little, "Oh, that's alright. I wouldn't mind using that as a reference from your camera. So what do you like and what's your hobby?" I said, "Well, I love to read, dance, and sing. I like what all girls like: makeup, jewelry, desserts, candy, shopping, seeing the movies. I'm also into some adventure sometimes. I went to the savannah and met with a lion pride three years ago."

Jane said, "You actually met a lion pride?"

I nodded, "Yeah, it was pretty exciting and I grew attached to them like they were my family. The previous King Mufasa was like a father to me as Simba was like a little brother when he was a cub." I began to tell her about me being a black leopard, meeting Mufasa and seeing Simba's birth, being around the lionesses and bonding with the pride, the hyenas, Mufasa's death, Timon and Pumbaa, Rafiki helping me change back with Mufasa's spirit being with me, and battling Scar to help Simba take his true place as king.

I showed her my camera about the savannah animals, then I got towards the pictures of Simba as an adult when I last saw him. Jane said, "He's a very handsome lion. It must've been horrible for the both of you to see Mufasa being killed by Scar." I sighed, "Yeah. I saw it, but just froze and felt paralyzed to react. When I was dangling as Scar pierced his claws into my hands, I felt so scared and then I became angry that I forced him to admit that he's the murderer."

Jane said, "Vicky, it almost seems like you've been in The Lion King and experienced it." I held back a laugh and said, "Yeah, you might say that. But the pictures there are evidence and proof that I didn't clunk my head, then turned nuts. I guess after I changed back and woke up that my ability to talk to animals is still there. How about you? What do you do for fun?"

Jane said, "Oh, draw sketches, painting, and reading. I always loved art. I think I like the same things you do." We talked more and found out we love the same music, TV shows, food, and movies. We headed back to the camp when we became a bit hungry for lunch. We ate some fruits and I said, "Jane, do you think I could maybe help with your dad's research? When I met Tarzan, I noticed that he has mannerisms like an ape."

Jane said, "Really?"

Professor Porter walked over and asked, "You want to help me in my research?"

I shrugged, "Well, I just wanted to do something to thank you for taking me in."

Professor Porter said cheerfully, "Alright, let's get my notes, books, and things! We'll also need the chalkboard!" Jane and Professor Porter got everything ready as I kept thinking about the threat the gorilla leader gave me. I pushed the thoughts away as Jane asked, "Vicky, are you alright?" I said, "Yeah, I'm okay. Just thinking, that's all."

Jane asked, "What did he look like? Tarzan?"

I said as I felt my cheeks warm up for some strange reason, "Well, his features are very chiseled. He's not too buff or too lean, but has good muscles. His face is very sharp and angular, has dark hair that look like dreadlocks, and wears a brown loincloth." Jane said, "Righto, anything else? What about his figure? How does he stand?" I shrugged and explained when Jane began to draw Tarzan on the chalkboard, "He didn't stand upright. He's kinda crouched and supports his weight on the knuckles."

Jane drew Tarzan just like him, then she said, "Really?"

Professor Porter said, "On the knuckles!"

Jane grinned, "Exactly like a gorilla!"

Professor Porter exclaimed, "Extraordinary!"

I said as I imitated Tarzan's walk, "It's so cool! He bends over like that and he walks like this!" I began to make some ooh-ooh grunts like a gorilla when I walked around, then Jane laughed and joined in as the professor did. He laughed, "Oh, I see! Just like Aunt Isabel!" Jane gets up a little and Professor Porter says, "Victoria, what a discovery! A man with no language, no human behavior..."

I said, "And no respect for personal boundaries."

Professor Porter asked, "How do you mean?"

I got towards the professor and said, "He was this close, Professor! Just staring right at me!" I got up and took the chalk from Jane, then I drew Tarzan's face by adding the lips, nose, brows, and got to his eyes as I said, "He seemed confused at first, almost like he's never seen another human being before. His eyes were intense and focused..." After I finished drawing the eyes, I felt myself in a trance by looking at them and sighed, "I've never seen eyes like those before. They have a sort of fire in them, but they're so gentle at the same time."

I got out of it when I heard Professor Porter clear his throat, "Oh, shall I leave you and the blackboard alone for a moment?" I looked to see him chuckle and Jane tease a little, "Your face is becoming warmer and pinker." I touched my cheek and said trying not to laugh, "Guys, c'mon!" Jane said, "Think of what we can learn from him! We must find him."

I looked to see Clayton walk towards us in an angry way, then he said, "Professor! You're here to find gorillas, not indulge some girlish fantasy!" I said to myself angrily, "Girlish fantasy?" I marched up towards Clayton to give him a piece of my mind and said, "I'll have you know, George Clayton, I didn't make it all up! Besides, Tarzan is..." I stopped in my tracks and looked to see Tarzan land on his feet, looking up at me and Clayton staring at him with his jaw slacked. I finished with my arms folded and a satisfied smile, "Real. Jane, Professor, meet Tarzan."

The Porters looked in shock and Jane smiled, "It really is him!" Professor Porter stammered happily, "It's him! It'''s...TARZAN!" Clayton grabbed his gun fast and barked, "Professor! Jane! Victoria, stand back!" We looked in alarm, then I ran towards Clayton and shoved his gun up towards the canopy shouting, "DON'T!" I covered my ears when the gunshot rang out, but sighed in relief to see no one being shot.

"Clayton," Tarzan said.

Professor Porter looked at Tarzan, "Huh?"

Tarzan looked at the old man and said, "Clayton."

Professor Porter starts laughing happily, then Clayton looks at Tarzan with a raised brow and asks, "Have we met? How does he know my name?" I shrugged, "I guess he knew because of the gunshot." Tarzan came towards me, stood up, and touched a lock of my hair with a smile, "Victoria." I felt myself blush a bit more and said, "Hi, Tarzan." Professor Porter chuckled, "I see what you mean about those personal boundaries."

Tarzan looks at Clayton, then stands up like him and mimics holding a gun. Jane and I held back some giggles, then Professor Porter said, "Look at him, girls! Moves like an ape, but looks like a man! He could be the missing link!" Tarzan slowly got on his knuckles, then Clayton pulls Professor Porter close and says, "Or our link to the gorillas." Clayton walks towards Tarzan and asks, "Where are the gorillas?"

Tarzan starts to play around with Clayton's mustache, but Clayton stops him and shouts, "GOR-ILLAS!" Tarzan stands up and shouts back, "GOR-ILLAS!" I sarcastically said, "Nice English you're teaching him. He doesn't understand much, but he only knows bits and pieces." Clayton scoffs as he wipes the drawing of Tarzan with his arm and doodles a bad drawing of a gorilla, "I'll make him understand. If I can teach a parrot to sing My Country 'Tis of Thee, I can certainly teach this savage a thing or two."

He points to the drawing with the chalk and says, "Gor-illa."

Tarzan takes the chalk and examines it saying, "Gor-illa."

Professor Porter smiles and holds Jane's arm, "Oh! Oh! He's got it!" We watched Tarzan scribble on the chalkboard over the drawing when he got onto it saying, "Gor-illa! Gorrrrr-illllla!" Professor Porter slumped a bit, "Oh, perhaps not." I held back a laugh when Clayton takes the chalk from Tarzan and shouts, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Tarzan took the chalk back and said in the same way Clayton did, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!"

In an instant, the two started fighting over the chalk when Tarzan climbed up on Clayton's hip to get the chalk and Clayton tried to shove him off. Luckily, Jane took the chalk to make the two stop fighting and stay where they were. Jane calmly said, "Mr. Clayton, I think Victoria and I will take it from here."
Tarzan: Two Worlds Ch 5
Here's Chapter 5 of my story!

How was that one? I thought of having Jane bond with Victoria more, show Victoria having mixed feelings about Tarzan, and having Tarzan meet everyone. Wanna know what happens next? I don't own The Lion King; all rights to Disney. I hope you guys like where this is going so far! Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

Victoria's Outfit:…

Next chapter:…
Tarzan OC: Victoria's Casual Clothes by MonstarzGirl
Tarzan OC: Victoria's Casual Clothes
In my Tarzan fanfic, here's Victoria (me) in this outfit when she'm exploring the jungle with Jane. Victoria wore a white tank top and denim capris when shipwrecked, but luckily had her suitcase and backpack with her. She wears this other than exploring the jungle, but she gets to tell Jane about the adventures in the savannah with Simba and describes Tarzan to her when she's drawing him on the chalkboard. She also wears this when she secretly meets with Tarzan, Terk, Tantor, and two of the babies of the gorilla family named Tana and Neeta. She's also seen wearing this when she goes back to the jungle with Tarzan to save the gorilla family.

I only own my OCs; the movie Tarzan and the characters belong to Disney and Edgar Rice Burroughs respectfully.
Game used:
I hope you like this one!
A few days after the incident, Victoria woke up and stretched herself. Ever since she and Rameses apologized, the two put their differences aside and began to get along well. While Victoria was recovering from her sprained ankle, she talked to the princes whenever they would come to visit her.

Victoria slowly places her right foot down on the floor and feels no pain at all. Taking the bandages off, she smiled to see her ankle healed. She smiled to see her wrists better without seeing any of the cuts or rope burns. Victoria hears a knock on the door and walks towards it. She calls, "Yes, who is it?" Halima says, "It's Halima, Chione, Nailah, and Akila. We're here to give you a morning bath and to tend your ankle."

Akila adds, "We also brought you some more clothing for you to wear."

Victoria opens the door and says to them, "My ankle's all better and so are my wrists, but I wouldn't mind a morning bath to wake myself up more." Akila walked in with a couple of dresses, skirts, and tops in her arms. Chione brought in a bowl of white lotus petals and red rose petals mixed together. Nailah and Halima brought in jugs of water as they started to fill up the bath.

Akila asks, "Where shall I put the new clothes for you, Victoria?"

Victoria points to the wardrobe, "The wardrobe would do, Akila. I could pick what to wear today." Two men came in with some of the hot coals after Nailah and Halima filled the bath with water. After the men leave, Halima shuts the door as Victoria begins to undress herself. She slips her white nightgown off and her underwear, then steps into the water. Victoria sighs in content as the warm water caresses her skin, leaving tingles all over her body.

Victoria asks as takes a bottle from Halima, "What's the occasion with all the dresses?" Akila said, "Not only we are giving you presentable clothes to wear, there's also going to be a banquet coming up soon. Many Egyptians of the highest class and some rich nobles from the East are invited, along with some of the Nubians from Ethiopia." Victoria pours a small amount of a green gel in her hands and lathers her hair with it. She said, "That sounds pretty interesting."

Nailah said happily, "Yes, it'll be wonderful with music, dancing, the food, and everything! What else do you do besides horseback riding, Victoria?"

Victoria says, "I also sing and dance. My mother loved to sing and I wanted to sing like her. Back at home, I would sometimes sing for the guests when they come to dinner and they enjoyed it. I would even sing some duets with my mother."

Halima said excitedly, "Ooh, maybe you could sing for the banquet! I bet you have a beautiful voice! Pharaoh and the princes would love to hear you sing!"

Chione asks as she notices Victoria washing her hair by herself, "Are you sure that you can wash by yourself?"

Victoria nods, "Of course. I'll be fine, Chione. When I'm done washing and dressed, could you tell Moses and Rameses that I'll meet with them here?" Chione says, "I will, Victoria." Halima pours clean water onto Victoria's hair to rinse out the suds and conditions the strands with a white cream, letting it set into Victoria's locks. After Victoria rinsed herself, she gets out of the tub with a towel wrapped around her body.

Akila places some of the dresses into the wardrobe and leaves a few out on the bed for Victoria to pick. Victoria looked at some of the dresses and said, "They all look beautiful, Akila. Any of these would look perfect for the banquet. The dress I first wore when I ate with Pharaoh and his sons was very nice."

Akila said, "I could imagine you wearing something in red, blue, purple, pink, or white. Those colors would look perfect for you."

Victoria smiled, "I was thinking the same thing, too! That's an excellent idea, Akila. Maybe we could find some of the best fabrics and make a dress for the big night."

Akila smiled, "That sounds like a good idea." Akila picks up a lavender top that has a bit of golden shimmer to it, along with a purple skirt that has a sheer purple layer held by a golden belt with amethyst jewels. Victoria smiles, "I could wear this for today."

Akila helps Victoria slip the top and skirt on, then says, "Alright, let's add the finishing touches." Halima came back with a small bowl of fruit and a chalice of water. She said, "I thought you might need something for breakfast before seeing the princes, Victoria." The girl said to Halima, "Thank you." Victoria takes a few green grapes and eats them, then drinks the water down.

A knock on the door came as Nailah said, "Who is it?"

Chione said, "It's me, Chione. I just came to let you know that Prince Rameses and Prince Moses are on their way. They're coming in three minutes."

Victoria said, "Okay then." Turning towards the vanity, Victoria lined her eyes with dark brown kohl, slicked a balm onto her lips, and applied lotion to her face and arms. She also applied some fragrance to her armpits and dabbed a little perfume onto her neck. Nailah brushed Victoria's hair out to get rid of the tangles and give her waves some body, then she added the finishing touches by putting on two golden armbands and a pair of golden wristbands.

Nailah said, "All done. You look beautiful, Victoria."

Akila smiles, "The princes will be pleased to see you."

Halima said, "Purple looks good on you, Victoria."

Victoria smiled and thanked the servants for their compliments, along with their help. Victoria walks out of the room and meets with Chione, who looks at her and says, "Good, you're ready. They're coming now." The two saw Rameses and Moses approach as the princes waved to Victoria.

Moses said, "Good morning. You look nice today. Purple is a good color for you."

Victoria smiled, "Thank you, Moses."

"I see you are standing on your own two feet again. You must finally be feeling better," Rameses added with a small smile.

Victoria said, "Yes, my ankle's all better now. Thanks for noticing, Rameses."

"That is wonderful," Moses continued. "That means you will be able to attend the banquet next week. I am sure your servants told you about it. You will love it!"

"Well, it's certain to be different from anything you saw back home," said Rameses and although his voice sounded happy, the expression on his face was an uneasy one. It was clear that he was not as excited about the upcoming party as everyone else was. Still, he didn't want anyone to know this as he continued trying to force a smile onto his face and into his voice.

"So what would you like to do today, Victoria?" the younger prince asked. "We have been trying to think of things that would amuse you when you got well. Plus, we were able to convince Mother and Father about not having a guard constantly with you all the time after your ankle was better. We thought you might like a proper tour of the palace."

"You have only seen a small portion of it. There is so much more to see. What do you think? Would you like that?" Rameses asked as he gazed at the young lady whom he had begun to regard with such interest. She was the one thing that he suspected would truly be able to distract him from the pressures of the ceremony that was part of the upcoming banquet. He was to be named "Prince Regent" and though he was both honored as well as excited, he was also very nervous. He hadn't been sleeping well and had felt on edge for weeks. Yes, a distraction would be most welcome and Victoria would be the perfect one!

Victoria said, "Rameses, that sounds like a great idea. I'd love to see more of the palace here." As the two began walking down the halls, Victoria said to Moses, "I've heard about the banquet from Akila, Chione, Halima, and Nailah. It sounds pretty exciting. If I had a chance, I wouldn't mind singing for the guests."

Moses asked interested, "You sing?"

Victoria said, "Yes. My mother had a beautiful voice when she'd sing for temple ceremonies, for the guests for family visits, or big banquets held at home. I would even sing with her."

Rameses thought to himself, She sings, too? A woman of many talents. The prince found himself wondering what her voice sounded like. Was she a mellow-sounding alto or perhaps an elegant high soprano? He found himself getting excited about her performance that he was sure would be allowed by his parents.

The three heard barking and looked to see two dogs running towards Moses, then they jumped around happily and knocked him to the floor as they licked him. Rameses shook his head and smiled as the two dogs interrupted his thoughts by leaping on his brother. Such carryings on! The creatures were as wild and undignified as Moses. Maybe that was why they liked him best. It could also have something to do with the fact that most animals prefer people who like them. It wasn't exactly that Rameses didn't like dogs, but he much preferred horses.

Victoria smiled as she watched the dogs lick Moses' face, while the prince laughed and rubbed their ears. The dogs looked at Victoria as they began to sniff around her, which made Victoria say, "Who are these boys?" Moses gets up and wipes the slobber off his face saying, "Victoria, meet Asad and Bruhier."

Victoria holds her hand out as the two hounds sniff and lick her hand, then she bends to their level and says, "Hi, Asad. Hello, Bruhier." Victoria giggled lightly as Asad and Bruhier licked Victoria's cheeks, while Rameses and Moses watched. Victoria gets up and says as she pats the dogs on their heads, "Nice to meet you, too."

The elder prince's smile broadened as the dogs turned their attention to Victoria, covering her with kisses. "Alright, alright," he said in his usual no nonsense tone, "Are you two going to play around on the floor with the dogs or are we going to take a tour of the palace?"

Victoria wipes her face and says, "Sorry about that. Let's go." The dogs took off running, then Moses and Rameses showed Victoria around the palace more. They showed her the throne room where she was first brought over as Victoria looked at the view of the palace outside that showed the Nile and a large statue of Seti. Victoria said, "The view from here's pretty big."

Moses said, "You can just see about everything from here with the pyramids, the river, the slaves working, the city, and even some of the mountains where the previous pharaohs and the royal family are buried." Rameses said, "We call that place the Valley of the Kings. Some of the wealth of the previous pharaohs was buried with them."

Victoria remembered reading books about mummies numerous times back home when she was young and was always interested in ancient civilizations since. She asked, "Could you show me how your culture buries their dead? I've heard about how it's done, but I've never seen it being performed."

The two princes exchanged nervous glances towards each other as they remembered showing some of the girls who were asked to be brides to one of the princes, but were rejected. When they showed them the embalming chambers, the girls would get sick to their stomachs and faint. Moses asked Victoria, "Are you sure about this? You might not have the stomach for it."

Victoria said, "I'm positive. I'm not that queasy about seeing blood. If there's anything gruesome, could I at least hold one of your hands for a bit of comfort?" Rameses said, "Of course. Will you promise that you won't faint or get sick? You're already well with your ankle healed and you wouldn't want to be stuck in your room again in bed."

Victoria sees the pleading look in Rameses' eyes and says reassuringly, "I promise. Besides, I already ate and I'll be fine." The princes sighed in relief, then they moved on towards the halls to go deeper towards the embalming chambers. Once they're about to go in, Rameses said, "You might want to hold your breath and cover your nose, Victoria. It smells awful in there."

Victoria nodded as Moses slowly opened the doors and the three went inside. The dark rooms are lit with some torches on the walls as a couple of wall paintings show the Egyptian Gods, along with a bunch of men walking around with some scrolls and linens. Victoria placed a hand over her nose and mouth upon seeing a dead man being cut open.

She leaned against the wall beside the princes and said to herself, "They're taking out the man's organs and placing them into jars." Victoria cringed as she saw the embalmers take out the corpse's intestines, lungs, stomach, and liver before placing them into canopic jars. Rameses sees Victoria's face lose color and turn a placid white, then he gives Victoria's hand a squeeze and asks, "Are you alright? We could leave if you want to."

Victoria turned her gaze to Rameses and shook her head with her voice a bit shaky, "No, I-I'm okay. I'm, uh, j-just not used to seeing an autopsy. Besides the royals, d-do some wealthy families also have their d-dead being cut open like a fish?" Rameses nodded, "Yes, but there's more to it than having the organs removed. The heart is kept inside the corpse because of the belief that the heart is the most essential organ."

Moses said, "We believe that the soul of the person's heart is weighed by the gods on a scale with a feather. The jackal-headed god Anubis weighs the heart and feather to see how the soul of the person is. If the person has done good through life, the scale is balanced and the person's soul goes to the Underworld to join the gods. But if the scale is tipped and the person has done wrong in life, the heart gets devoured by the devourer Ammut."

Victoria asked, "Like a judgment of who goes to Heaven or Hell?"

Rameses was at a loss when Victoria said this and became impressed with what she had heard, then he said, "In way, yes."

Moses showed Victoria the wall depicting what he and Rameses told her. Victoria sees the gods, the scale, and the beast near the scale waiting to swallow the heart. Victoria turns around to see a man use some rod and hook to insert into the corpse's nostrils, then pull something pale out. She remembered that the brain of the dead was removed by a hook and rod, then the organ was tossed away due to the belief of the brain being useless.

Moses said, "After the organs are removed, the body is perfumed and soaked into natron. The natron sets in for 40 days to allow the body to dry up inside and out, along with draining the fluids. After that, the body is decorated with some jewelry and is wrapped in layers of linen. The body also wears a golden mask to identify the dead person for the gods to recognize and allow passage into the Underworld." Victoria nodded as she took her mind off seeing the corpse and kept her attention to the princes talking about mummification.

Victoria said, "Very interesting."

Rameses asked, "What do the Romans do with their dead?"

Victoria said, "Well, we just cleanse the body and embalm it. We give a last farewell to our deceased loved ones before burying the body. The corpse would wear nice clothing they've worn in life. We often use coffins or lay the bodies in crypts. The wealthy would be buried in crypts and tombs that are large as well as decorative. Some of the crypts have candles lit for people to visit and pray, along with some murals and statues. The lower class would be buried in smaller tombs that were simple, graveyards, or be cremated."

Victoria sadly walked out of the chamber as she thought of her parents. She knows they're alive in her time, but doesn't know if they notice how long she's been missing. Victoria felt her eyes water and tried hard not to cry when the two princes followed after her. Rameses asks, "Victoria, what's wrong?"

Victoria quietly said as she bowed her head, "I just miss my parents. I love them so much and just can't believe I lost them. I didn't even get to say good-bye." A few tears rolled down from Victoria's closed eyes and down her cheeks, then the little drops fell to the floor near her feet.

Rameses gently tilts Victoria's chin up and wipes away her tears saying, "I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm sure that they were wonderful people." Victoria sniffled, "They really were. They have some of their quirks, but they're very loving and the best parents anyone could ever ask for." Rameses paused for a moment as he thought of his own parents and how he would feel when they passed into the next life. How different his life would be! He found it hard to imagine life without the wisdom and guidance of his father or the kindness and compassion of his mother. He would miss them terribly, so it was not hard for him to imagine how Victoria must feel.

The prince lightly squeezed her shoulders as he confessed, "My world would be very different and rather empty without my parents. I sympathize with you."

"As do I," Moses chimed in, placing a gentle hand on her back. He wished he knew something to say that would cheer her up. After a moment of thought, Moses said, "Well, would you like to continue the tour? We could show you some of the places where we play jokes on the priests." Victoria took a deep breath and said, "Sure, let's keep going around. So what kind of pranks do you guys do on the priests?"
Delivering Hearts: Ch 11

Here's Chapter 11!

How's that so far? Looks like Victoria's getting along well with the princes, but is homesick at the same time. Will Moses and Rameses cheer her up with a couple of pranks? I thought of adding a bit of mummification facts because of my love for ancient history, especially in Ancient Egypt. :) I only own my OCs; the other characters and the movie are owned by DreamWorks respectfully. Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

RP List:

:iconmonstarzgirl: : Victoria, guards, Hotep and Huy, Akila, Chione, Halima, Nailah, etc.

:iconaspiring-author: : Rameses and various

Shared roles: Moses, Pharaoh Seti, Queen Tuya, etc.

Victoria's outfit:…

Next chapter:…

Taken from: :iconchavaleigh:

Hello everyone! I've decided to create another little writing poll, just for you! Feel free to answer any or all of the questions. Have fun!
  1. Out of all your OCs, who is your all-time, hands down favorite? Why?
  2. Who can forget the baddies...Do you enjoy writing villains? Do you find them to be interesting characters?
  3. Have you ever written something inspired by a picture? Or, conversely, have you ever drawn something inspired by a story?
  4. Has any of your work ever been published? If not, do you hope to get published someday?
  5. Ah, romance...for some writing it's a breeze, for others there's nothing more difficult. What's your take on writing about love and relationships?
  6. What's your stance on writing about a character's physical description/clothing? I've noticed that some people go into a lot of detail, while others skip over it almost entirely.
  7. Do you create elaborate back stories and personality charts for your characters? Why or why not?
  8. Do you consider yourself good at writing action sequences? Or, is it something you struggle with?
  9. For some, being a writer is in your blood, for others, it's an acquired skill. At what age did you first start writing?
  10. And last, but certainly not least, do you struggle with the dreaded writer's block? We all know that there's nothing more frustrating.. 
Feel free to post this in your journal for your friends to answer, and also feel free to ask me any questions about my own writing.
We are the voices of the world of words. Let's stick together and support each other! ^ ^
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I love anything from Disney movie classics, especially Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc. I have 4 dogs and a bunny. I have HUGE sweet tooth for sweets like candy, desserts, ice cream, cakes, and brownies.

I loved watching the Cartoon Cartoons (Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab). I even loved watching the Disney cartoons from the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, Gargoyles, House of Mouse, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch the Series, etc.

I'm also a fanfiction writer. I wrote some fanfics on Space Jam, The Black Cauldron, The Lion King, Tarzan, The Phantom of the Opera, Gargoyles, The Powerpuff Girls, and more. You're welcome to check them out and send nice reviews/faves. :)


For the new cover stories for my fanfics, I'd like to give a special thanks to my friend grapejuice101 from and She did covers for my Phantom of the Opera fanfic, Tarzan fanfic, The Mummy fanfics, and Gargoyles fanfics.

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