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Victoria was being led around the castle by Bugs and Daffy, also Taz tagged along. Victoria looked at the suits of armor around the hall as Daffy said, "As you can see, the pseudo-façade was stripped away to reveal the minimalist Rococo design. Note the unusual inverted vaulted ceilings." The armors looked at Victoria and turned their heads when she went past them.

Victoria, Bugs, and Taz kept walking and ignored Daffy. Daffy continued, "This is yet another example of the late neoclassic Baroque period. And as I always say: If it's not Baroque, don't fix it!" He laughed to himself and brushed a tear away as he cleared his throat. The little clock turned around and ordered the suits of armor, "As you were!" The heads turned to their original state and Daffy continued, "Now then, if may I draw your attention to the flying buttresses above the...uh, mademoiselle?"

Victoria went towards a dark staircase, then Daffy and Bugs ran towards Victoria to block her way. They gave a pose and smiled to get her attention. Victoria looked up and asked, "What's up there?" Daffy lied, "Where? That? Oh, nothing. Absolutely nothing interesting at all in the West Wing: dusty, dull, very boring." He nudged Bugs, who also nodded in agreement. Victoria seemed interested and said, "Ah, so that's the West Wing."

Daffy whimpered as Bugs shot, "Nice going!"

Victoria looked further and said, "I wonder what he's hiding up there..." Bugs chuckled, "Hiding? Uh, the master is hiding nothing!" Victoria made her way and said, "Then it wouldn't be forbidden." The two stopped her again and Daffy offered, "Perhaps, uh...mademoiselle would like to, uh...uh, see something else? We have exquisite tapestries dating all the way back to-" He was cut off as Victoria moved to another step and said, "Maybe later."

They blocked her again and Bugs offered, "The gardens...or-or the library perhaps?" Victoria bent down and asked with interest, "You have a library?"

"Yes, with more books than you can ever imagine!" Daffy smiled. He and Bugs walked off, going on about talk of how many books were in the library as Taz followed them. Victoria slowly followed, but took the chance to go up the steps quietly towards the top.

She walked up the steps and walked down a long, dark, foreboding corridor. She walked through the corridor, passing some gargoyles and one white marble gargoyle broken from the torso. She passed a broken mirror and looked at her reflection. When Victoria reached the end of the corridor, she saw that the door handle looked like a carved face of a demon growling at her. It seemed to tell her to go away and Victoria thought about reconsidering, but took a deep breath and opened the door.

She looked inside and her eyes widened upon seeing a messy room. There was broken furniture and ripped curtains everywhere. Victoria walked around and her stomach churned when she saw a pile of bones and the remains of animal skins. She nearly knocked a table over, but propped it up and looked at the bed that had animal fur on it. She turned around and gasped when she saw the portrait of a boy, who was about eleven years old. He had dark brown hair and brown-red eyes.

Victoria raised a brow and found the eyes very familiar to her, but couldn't place them. She noticed that the painting had five slashes that were deep and lifted the torn pieces hanging to get a better view of the person's face. Victoria turned to see a pink glow in the room and walked towards it. She found that the glow was from a pink rose underneath a glass bell jar. She moved a lock of hair from her face, took the glass case off, and reached her finger to touch one petal. However, she pulled back and gasped when a shadow came over her; it was Blanko!

Blanko saw Victoria, snorted fog out of his mouth, and leapt towards the table to slam the case over the rose. He looked at Victoria and gave a deadly glare. He snarled, "Why did you come here?" Victoria became frightened and said, "I'm...I'm sorry." Blanko advanced on her and his anger grew, "I warned you never to come here!" Victoria backed towards a table and said, "I didn't mean any harm!"

Blanko's rage consumed him and his eyes nearly turned a blood-red as he yelled, "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE?!" He swung his arm and smashed the table. Victoria got away in time and leaned against a wardrobe. She cried, "Please! Stop!" Blanko advanced on her and roared, "GET OUT!" He brought his arm and continued to smash things, making Victoria duck and get out of the room as quick as she could. Blanko roared again, "GET OOOOOOUUUUUUUT!"

Victoria ran out of the room as fast as her legs could carry. Blanko moved his cape out of the way, breathed, and his expression changed from anger to guilt when he realized what he has done. He bowed his head and placed his face near his hand in grief, as well as a tear escaping from his eye. Victoria grabbed her cape to put it on herself and ran down the stairs past Bupkus and Pound. Bupkus saw her expression and tried to stop her. He called, "Wait! Where are you going?"

Victoria ran for the door and cried, "Promise or no promise, I can't stay here another minute!" She opened the door and was about to leave, but Pound called, "Oh no, wait! Please! Please wait!" He was too late as the door slammed shut, leaving him and Bupkus alone in darkness. Victoria got on Altivo's back and galloped off into the night.

As they rode, the snow blew around them and the castle was almost out of sight. When they got into the woods, they got lost and a flock of quail flew around. Altivo began to buck in fear, but Victoria held onto the reins. She looked behind her and made a gasp; there was a pack of vicious wolves behind them! The wolves growled and bared their teeth at the two, then Altivo bolted off into a gallop.

He jumped over a log and tried to lose the wolves, but they were faster than he is. A wolf jumped to bite Victoria, but the horse snorted and pushed his body to shove the wolf towards a tree. Victoria looked back as the wolves were gaining on her, then she yelped when she and Altvio landed into a frozen lake. They got out of the water as some of the wolves drowned and got on solid ground. The pack surrounded the two as Altivo reared up and threw Victoria off! She screamed after falling off and her hair ribbon fell out, leaving her long hair loose.

Altivo's reins were stuck on a tree branch and he kicked at the wolves trying to bite him. One got on Altivo's neck, but Victoria found a long stick and smacked the wolf off the horse. She got near Altivo and held her stick up, then the wolves advanced on her. One tried to bite her leg from behind, but Victoria pulled it away luckily. She swung her stick at them, but one caught it in its jaws and snapped it in half! Victoria gasped in fear and a wolf jumped up to tug her cape, making the girl fall to her side. She pulled her cape to get it free and a wolf was three feet in front of her!

Victoria moved back and screamed in fear, "NO!" She hid her face into the snow when the wolf was about to go in for the kill, but something or someone stopped the wolf from trying to bite her. Victoria looked up to see someone hold the wolf and roar in its face; it was Blanko! He shoved the wolf away and got in front of Victoria to protect her. The wolves took their attention on him and Blanko fought them with all he's got. He lunged and swung at the pack, but some of them bit and clawed his arm.

Victoria got near Altivo and cringed at the sight. Another wolf jumped on Blanko's back and bit his neck, making Blanko roar in pain. He swung the wolf off him and tried to get the wolf off his arm. He swung his arm at the wolf and the animal smacked towards a tree hard, then fell to the ground dead. The wolves hid their tails between their legs and ran off with howls, whines, and whimpers.

After the wolves ran off, Blanko looked at Victoria and his expression showed concern. Blood was on his arm and some drops landed in the snow. Blanko grunted and growled, then his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he collapsed on his side into the snow. Altivo's ears perked up and his jaw dropped at the sight. Victoria thought this could be a good chance to get back home, but something didn't feel right. Blanko just saved her life and she could've died if he didn't make it in time.

She went towards Blanko's body, took her cape off, and wrapped it around Blanko. She dragged him towards Altivo, who was on his knees and had him on his back. Victoria got her cape on and held the reins as she walked back to the castle. As she went there, Nawt had Altivo in a stable and Bupkus helped Blanko inside. They got into the parlor as Bang had a fire prepared.

Granny poured hot water into a bowl and Victoria dipped a rag into the bowl. She squeezed the water out and went towards Blanko, who came to and was licking his arm to stop the bleeding. Victoria went towards him and said, "Here now. Oh, don't do that!" She reached her hand out to his arm, but Blanko pulled back and growled at her. Bugs, Daffy, Lola, the Warners, and Granny backed away slowly in fright.

Victoria tried to put the compress on Blanko's arm, but he wouldn't stop moving. Victoria said, "Just...hold...still." She placed the rag on his arm, then Blanko roared in pain and the servants ran to hide. Blanko roared in Victoria's face, "THAT HURTS!" Victoria shouted at him, "If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much!"

Blanko smirked, "If you hadn't have run away, this wouldn't have happened."

Victoria pointed out, "If you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!" Blanko looked like he was about to say something, but paused and came up with a good comeback. He growled, "Well, you shouldn't have been in the West Wing!"

Victoria couldn't take this anymore and shot back, "Well, you should learn to control your temper!"

Everyone came out of their hiding place and watched the two look at each other. Blanko propped his hand to his face and leaned on it as Victoria said, "Now hold still. This might sting a little." She placed the compress on his arm, causing him to wince in pain and turn away. Victoria wiped his arm clean, looked at the Monstar, and said, "By the way, thank you for saving my life." Blanko turned his head, looked at Victoria, and his expression softened as he said, "You're welcome." From that moment on, Victoria and Blanko gained their trust.
Beauty and the Monstar: Ch 7
It looks like Blanko's turned a new leaf and did something good for once. How was that one? I'll get some more up soon. Kind reviews and comments are accepted. That part in the movie always scared me when I was little! Once more, I only own my OC Victoria; the movie, characters, and songs mentioned are owned by their respectful owners.
Outside Characters: Victoria in Arendelle by MonstarzGirl
Outside Characters: Victoria in Arendelle
For :iconoslocarter: fanfic "The Outside Characters", here's me in the world of Frozen. With the girls, I meet Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and the little rock trolls. Also, we unfortunately meet Hans and the Duke of Wesleton (Weaseltown). When Mojo Jojo tags along, we both get into some heated fights and slowly warm up.

The first one is my casual outfit for the town of Arendelle; the second one is my ball gown when the royal sisters Anna and Elsa throw a ball at the castle and the characters get invited; and the third one is my Snow Queen outfit.

Frozen is owned by Disney respectfully.
:iconoslocarter: owns her story and OC; I only own Victoria (me). Mojo Jojo is owned by Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and Craig McCracken respectfully. The movie Frozen belongs to Disney respectfully, too.
Made using:…
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Victoria's house. Victoria invited five of her best friends over to hang out: Alex, Alison, Hannah, Kayla, and Rose. Victoria has medium-golden brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin with rosy cheeks, and wears a coral knee-length sundress with spaghetti straps and a dainty floral pattern along with a pair of brown cowboy boots.

Alex has fair skin with a bit of a tan, green eyes with a hint of blue in them, and medium brown hair with a hint of auburn. She wears a red tank top that has a white Hawaiian flower print under a green hoodie, a pair of light blue denim Bermuda shorts, and a pair of red Keds sneakers.

Alison has fair skin, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair in a pixie cut with blonde highlights. She wears a black t-shirt with some fire pattern on the front, a pair of dark wash jeans, and black boots. Hannah has pale skin, dark blonde hair that is past the shoulders, and blue-gray eyes. She wore a gray t-shirt, denim jeans, and black-and-white Converse sneakers.

Kayla has fair skin with a rosy undertone, platinum blonde hair, and aqua eyes. She wears a white 3/4 length sleeve peasant top with black pinstripes, a hot pink layered tulle skirt that is an inch below the knees, and a pair of black flower wedge sandals.

Rose has dark brown hair that is wavy in a ponytail held by a red elastic, light brown eyes, and tan skin. She wore a red tank top with dark blue jeans and a pair of brown boots. The girls got the greeting from four dogs Victoria owns: a black-and-white parti Pomeranian, two Keeshonds, and a yellow Labrador Retriever. The two Keeshonds and the Pomeranian barked excitedly, while the Labrador jumped up and down wildly.

Victoria said, "Easy, Honey! Easy, girl. Teddy, Cubby, Babie, you three keep it down." Looking at the girls, Victoria says, "Sorry about that. They get really excited when they meet new people." Kayla says, "Aww, they're so cute! Who's who? I know Honey's the Lab, but who are the others?"

Victoria picks up the Pomeranian and says, "This little chubby girl is Babie. The Keeshond with white circles around his eyes as well as white chest and chin area that looks a bit like a Santa beard is Teddy. He also has tan on his ears. The other one is Cubby. He has tan on his ears and white circles around the eyes like Teddy, but he has more black around the chin and chest; they're half-brothers. They both share the same father, but different litters and two years apart. Teddy's older than Cubby, but Cubby's the youngest out of the dogs here."

Alex pets Teddy and gets kisses from him, while Rose does the same and gets the same treatment from Cubby. Rose says, "They look like wolves, but are cuddly like bears." Alex smiles, "Hi, Teddy. He kinda does remind me of a teddy bear." Victoria says, "And if you put Teddy and Cubby's paws up on your shoulders to hug them, it's like they're give you a bear hug."

Alison pets Honey and says, "She's pretty big. Have you been feeding her right, Victoria?"

Victoria says, "Yeah, but she's the biggest out the litter my dad got her from. Even her father was huge."

Kayla pets Babie and says, "She looks like a little panda bear or a skunk. Can I hold her? Please?" Victoria gently hands Babie to Kayla and says, "Sure, but be careful. She's a squirmer."

Kayla holds Babie and says to the squirming pooch, "Easy, Babie. It's okay. Vivi's not going anywhere." Babie calms down and starts licking Kayla's face, which Kayla giggles and hugs Babie close. Kayla says, "She's so cute! I wish I can have her!" Victoria chuckles, "Kayla, you can have almost every dog and cat around that are cute. Make yourselves at home, guys. There's some sodas in the fridge and some out in the garage if anyone's thirsty."

Victoria shows the girls to the garage and points to the cans of sodas: Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Cocoa-Cola, Mountain Dew, and some orange soda. Each of the girls got their pick of sodas and went inside the house, then Victoria brought out two containers of chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. Victoria says, "Help yourselves." Victoria goes to the cupboard to get out some boxes of brownie mix and confetti cake mix. She said, "If anyone's interested in getting their nails done, I'll bring down my polishes."

Alex says, "I feel up for some baking. Anyone up for some cupcakes and brownies?"

Victoria says, "Make anything you want, Alex. I'll be right back. You and Hannah can make the brownies, then Alison and Rose can make the cupcakes. I made some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies already. They're in some rounded containers on the table and you're more than welcome to have some." Victoria headed upstairs to her room and grabbed all the nail polish bottles she owned before putting them into a big container, along with some polish remover with some q-tips, base coats, and top coats.

Victoria placed the container of polishes onto the table, along with the other things she brought down. Kayla says, "That's a lot of polishes you have there, Victoria." Rose looks at the colors and says, "You have a lot of blues, pinks, reds, and purples. I see a couple of golden polishes, silver, greens, and some peaches." Victoria takes out a bottle of pale pink polish for herself, then she says, "A girl can never have too much polish. You can pick any color you guys want. Alex, Hannah, are you interested in having your nails done?"

Alex was busy mixing up the batter and said, "No thanks, Victoria."

Hannah said, "Yeah, after I'm done mixing up the batter for the brownies and cookies." After the batters for the brownies and cupcakes were stirred up, Hannah walked over towards the table and looked at the polishes. Victoria says, "I can do Kayla's nails and she can do mine, then I can do Hannah's."

Kayla said, "Okay. Uh, is it okay if I can do my toenails?"

Victoria says, "Yeah, but ya might wanna wear flip-flops when they dry."

Kayla points to her purse and says, "I brought them along in case."

Alison said, "I don't mind doing Rose's nails. Alex, you're gonna feel left out about not having your nails painted." Alex washed her hands and said, "I'll be okay with a clear coat though." While the girls waited for brownies and cupcakes to bake, they painted their fingernails with polish. Kayla painted Victoria's a French pink with white around the tips, which Victoria looked at them impressed, "Kayla, you're really good at panting French manicures."

Alison got her nails painted a red color by Hannah, then Hannah got her nails painted in a green color by Victoria. Hanna says, "That's a nice green, kinda reminds me of a Christmas tree or a shamrock." Victoria paints Kayla's fingernails purple and her toenails a blue color, then she says, "That's a pretty neat combination, Kayla." Kayla shrugs, "Even if they don't match the outfit, purple and blue go well together. Can you grab my flip-flops?"

Victoria grabs a hold of a pair of black flip-flops and hands them to Kayla, who carefully slips them on her feet. Alison finished painting Rose's nails a cherry red and said, "Well, looks like we match." Rose says, "Yeah, we kinda do. Your red's more of a coral red with a shimmer and mine's brighter though." Alison says, "Either way, I like them." When the over beeped, Alex got up from the table and took out oven mitts before pulling the tray of brownies out. She sets them on the stove and does the same to the cupcakes.

Alex says, "Okay, they came out good, but we gotta let them cool down." Alison asks, "Anyone wanna watch a movie? What movies do you have?" Victoria says, "Well, almost everything from the classics, Disney and Non-Disney movies, and so on. I'm kinda feeling up for some Tim Burton. I have Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, the two Batman movies with Michael Keaton, Alice in Wonderland, Ed Wood, and Edward Scissorhands. Who wants to see what?"

All at once, the girls gave mixed responses.

"I vote Sleepy Hollow!"

"I wanna see Nightmare Before Christmas!"

"Corpse Bride!"

"No, Edward Scissorhands!"

Victoria chuckles and says, "Whoa, okay, okay! I'll get the tapes and DVDs to show you, then we'll do a vote." Victoria goes into the family room towards the entertainment unit, then grabs out some VHS cassettes and DVDs. She holds up each cover of the mentioned movies and everyone raised their hands the ones they want to see. Five raised hands came to a tie between The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland, while four hands rose for Corpse Bride and three for Edward Scissorhands.

Two hands rose for Beetlejuice and one rose for Sleepy Hollow. Victoria says, "Okay, we've got a tie. For the final vote, who wants to see Nightmare?" Everyone all raised their hands, then Victoria said, "Okay, Nightmare Before Christmas it is." Kayla says, "Looks like the cupcakes are ready to have some icing on top." Alex looks into the cupboard and takes out a tub of vanilla icing, along with a little container of red and yellow sprinkles mixed together.

Alex cuts out the brownies and puts them on a large plate, while Victoria spreads on some white frosting to the cupcakes after they've cooled down and added the sprinkles. She said, "Well, these came out great! I can't wait to try one of these. Has anyone tried my cookies yet?" Alison took a bite out of a chocolate chip cookie and said, "Just did. These cookies taste delicious." Kayla takes a sugar cookie and eats it, then says, "Vivi, you really outdid yourself on these! These taste amazing!"

Victoria smiled, "Thanks, guys." She felt something pawing on her leg and looked down to see Babie standing on two legs. Rose scoops up Babie in her arms and says, "No, Babie. Desserts are not for doggies, especially chocolate." Honey, Teddy, and Cubby walked from the family room to the kitchen after smelling the desserts. Hannah smiled, "Well, well, looks like the others came in to see what smells good." Victoria says, "Honey, Teddy, and Cubby. You three don't eat these."

Cubby places his paws onto the counter to get a better view, but Alex stops him and says, "Don't eat them, Cubby. I think it's time that you four get your own treats." Victoria sighs, "Honey can be so bad. A few years ago, there were a bunch of breadsticks from Olive Garden that my family got for take-out and Honey ate about twelve of them of the tray."

Alison asks, "What? She ate a dozen breadsticks at once?"

Victoria nods, "Yep, she's like a vacuum cleaner when she eats. Aren't you, Honey?" Victoria pets the big dog on the head, which Honey's tail wags fast. Victoria looks through a bin and pulls out four dog biscuits: three big and one small. Victoria gives each of the dogs their biscuits, which they take and walk off towards the family room to eat them. After Victoria iced and sprinkled the cupcakes, she said, "Okay, let's grab what we can eat and watch a movie."

After everyone took their seats on the couch and some comfy chair, Victoria turned on the TV and placed the tape into the DVD/VCR. Victoria sat beside Kayla and Alex on the floor as they began to eat their snacks, then the movie began to start. While the movie played, the girls couldn't help themselves and sang along to This is Halloween, What's This, and Making Christmas when the scenes came.

When the movie came to the end with Jack returning to Halloween Town and Christmas being back to normal, the girls watched the finale where Jack and Sally finally admitted their love for each other. Kayla sighed, "That was so sweet."

Alison said, "When will they ever make a sequel to this?"

Victoria says, "They did, but it's in a videogame format."

All at once, the girls eagerly asked about what Victoria just said. Victoria says, "I read somewhere that Disney wanted a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas and wanted the movie to be all CGI like Pixar, but Tim Burton went against it and then the videogame got created. I have the game. It's called Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge."

Alex says, "I heard of that game!"

Rose smiled, "Yeah, me too."

Kayla asks, "Is it good?"

Alison asks, "What's it like?"

Hannah says, "Can we play it?"
The Girls and the Pumpkin King: Ch 1
Here's the first chapter of the story!

On a peaceful Saturday with friends, Victoria, Alex, Alison, Hannah, Kayla, and Rose get to spend a fun time watching Nightmare Before Christmas. When Victoria shows them the videogame, the girls make a wish of being in Halloween Town and get themselves sucked into the game. Upon meeting Jack Skellington, they team up and try to stop Oogie’s evil schemes of trying to become the Seven Holidays King. Will the girls succeed and be able to overcome their fears, along with getting back home safely?

How's this so far? Since it's the first anniversary of my friend :iconoslocarter: story "The Outside Characters", I wanted to do a little tribute and a revision of my old Nightmare fanfic I did. The OCs I have mentioned are based on my friends who are also in the story "The Outside Characters"; they belong to their respectful owners.

Alex is owned by :iconblackwolfstar15: respectfully.

Alison is owned by :iconunderworldlegends: respectfully.

Hannah is owned by :iconoslocarter: respectfully.

Kayla is owned by :iconkaylakisseskangaroos: respectfully.

Rose is owned by :iconkaronabhm: respectfully.

I own my OCs Victoria (me) and the dogs Honey, Babie, Teddy, and Cubby. The movies mentioned belong to Tim Burton respectfully, while The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, the songs from the movie, and the videogame belong to Disney, Danny Elfman, and Tim Burton respectfully. Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

Special thanks to :iconoslocarter: for helping me with the title. You're a pal.
Victoria looked to see some jewelry and placed on some golden hoop earrings, then she slipped on a red dress with off-the-shoulder short sleeves, a strapless neckline, and a long skirt. Moses slipped on a long dark blue tunic and the robe that Jethro put on him, then he slips on some brown sandals on his feet. He looks at the design of the robe and admires it. Victoria says, "That's a good look for you. Underneath the wig, I like your real hair like this."

He chuckles, runs his fingers through it, and asks, "Oh, really? Yeah, I was always told to keep that wig on and to never take it off." His smile lessens as he says, "Now I know why. It was so they would never figure out I wasn't... That I was actually a..." He sighs, turns around, and holds onto one of the poles. He says, "I was actually trying to die out there. When the sandstorm hit, I just let it run over me. It was by chance that only my hair wasn't covered and Amut and you found me."

Victoria said, "Moses, when I was recovering from the lashes, I felt the need to leave Egypt. After three days, my back already healed and I decided to leave. I told my servants and Rameses everything, but they were sad about hearing me leave. I cried so much and so did Rameses, but he let me take Lilia and Amut. He also gave me this." She shows him her ruby ring and says, "It was supposed to be my engagement ring, but Rameses told me to keep it always as a way to look back and remember him."

Moses looks at her in surprise and gives her a small smile. He hugs her and says, "I'm sorry. You would have made a wonderful queen. Mo... I mean, Queen Tuya was really happy that you were going to be her daughter. It's a beautiful ring; it suits you really well."

Moses looks her in the eye and says, "Thank you for getting me out of the desert. I am sorry you felt you had to leave. I know how much Rameses loved you. I am grateful you came by and got me out."

Victoria smiled a little and said, "You're welcome. You know, I would love to have been Queen Tuya's daughter and become a good queen. I would be giving the Hebrew slaves less hard labor to the young and old, along with giving good plans on ruling the kingdom and trades with other countries. I'll be okay now, but I'm still torn inside about this. I still love Rameses and feel like going back, but not with Seti around. That breakfast before Rameses started his duties as regent, Seti had this cold look and was watching me like a hawk."

Moses sighs and says, "That sounds like a much better plan. I'm sorry Seti was so cold towards you."

Victoria sighs, "Yeah, I could somehow tell that he knew that I listened to the conversation about the Hebrew infants killed years ago. I still feel bad for Rameses having a cold-hearted father like that. If my dad had Rameses as a son, he wouldn't be too hard on him at all, be proud of him for doing the best he can, and even give good words of advice. My dad would never murder innocent children, but he would do anything to protect his family from danger."

Moses says, "He sounds like a great man that anyone would be proud to call their father. You must miss him a lot. I think he would have liked Rameses. I wish I knew my birth mother. From what Miriam said, she sounded like a brave woman when she let me go." Then he looks down and says, "I can't imagine how she must have felt when she put me in that basket in the river."

Victoria sighed, "Yeah. She was really brave to sacrifice everything to keep you safe."

Moses smiles a bit and says, "I think I have an image of what she looked like. I remember seeing a woman in my dreams and she was singing to me. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, I whistle or hum that song."

Victoria smiled, "That's pretty neat. Uh, I'm gonna head out and see how Lilia's doing with Amut. Sirius seems to like them, too."

Moses asks, "Do you want me come with you?"

Victoria nods, "Sure."

Moses opens the curtain for her and the two of them walk out. A few people were out and about as they made their way to the corral. A couple of women waved at them as they passed by. One little boy was running and bumped into Moses. He catches the boy and says, "Whoa, careful! Don't hurt yourself." The boy smiles at him and runs off towards some of the other children. They shriek with laughter as he approaches and runs off in the opposite direction. Moses watched them playing and chuckled to himself; he remembered how he and Rameses used to run around the palace halls as children that they would purposely bump into Hotep and Huy for laughs.

Victoria looks to see Diadah and Ajoli by the corral, then Victoria says, "Hello, girls. I see that you're curious about Lilia." Diadah says, "She's a really pretty horse. Can we pet her?" Victoria opens the gate and says, "Of course. She's very gentle and sweet. If you want, you can pet Sirius."

Moses smiles at and looks around at how carefree everyone looks in this village. How the work they did, they did because they like it and not because someone is forcing them to do it.

Moses watches Victoria showing Ajoli and Diadah the two horses, while the girls pet the filly and colt. Victoria says happily, "They seem to like both of you."

He smiles at them with the horses and goes over to Amut. Amut looks at him, grunting and nuzzling his side. Moses chuckles, then he scratches the top of the camel's head and his neck. He looks at Amut's fur and says to him, "Hmm, your fur is looking kind of shaggy. I'll find a brush and brush it out for you, boy. You certainly need it."

Ephora brought some brushes and said, "Here, Moses. I figured that you may want to give the camel a brushing. He looks a little matted." Moses takes the brushes and smiles, "Thank you, Ephora."

Ephora smiles at him and says, "It's my pleasure. Here, I'll help. I love taking care of the camels and horses." She grabs a second brush and starts working on his legs. The two groomed Amut until he was all cleaned and his coat was free from knots. Ephora smiles and scratches him on the neck. He grunts in content and gently nibbles her hand. She giggles and says, "Stop that, it tickles."

Moses scratches Amut's ears and watches Victoria leading Lilia around with Diadah riding on the palomino filly. Tzipporah smiles as she watches her sister interacting with Moses and Victoria. She thinks to herself, He looks completely different from the spoiled palace brat I thought he was. He acts like a normal person with Amut.

Tzipoorah watched Victoria with her sisters and chuckled softly when Victoria helped Diadah down from Lilia's back. Victoria smiled, "What do you think? This must be your first time riding a horse." Diadah giggled, "That was fun! Thank you for letting me ride Lilia, Victoria."

Victoria hugs Diadah and says, "You're very welcome, Diadah."

Ajoli asks, "Victoria, can I ride Sirius?"

Victoria says, "Of course, Ajoli. Here, let me give you a boost up." Cupping her hands to make a saddle, she helped the young girl up onto the horse's back and said, "Okay, hang on to the rope and don't let go." Ajoli smiles and says as she holds onto the rope, "I won't." Victoria gave instructions to Ajoli about having Sirius walk and trot, then Ajoli held onto the rope as she gave Sirius' sides a gentle squeeze to get him to walk around.

Tziporrah goes back to her work at helping the women gather food for tonight's feast, then she grabs a basket and goes to the date trees.

Moses and Ephora turn to watch Ajoli on Sirius, then Ephora says, "Victoria's really good with horses."

Moses said, "She is. I even saw her riding Lilia bareback and galloping around the corral back in Egypt. She was a natural and it seemed that she was one with Lilia." The two watched Ajoli riding on Sirius' back as Victoria was leading the buckskin colt around the corral.

As Tzipporah was picking some dates and putting them into the basket, she watched her sisters riding on Sirius and Amut. She smiled at Victoria and Moses being by the two girls on the animals as they moved around the corral. Diadah came running up to her and excitedly said, "Tzipporah, did you see me? Victoria gave me a ride on her horse!"

Tzipporah put her basket down and hugged her, then she said, "I saw you. Did have fun and tell Victoria thank you?"

Diadah quickly nodded her head and said, "Uh-huh. Lilia is so pretty and Victoria is really nice."

Tzipporah smiles, "Yes, they both are. Diadah, can you help me pick some more dates?"

Diadah says, "Sure, I don't mind."

Tzipporah hands her another empty basket and says, "Here, you can collect them in this basket. If it gets too heavy, let me know."

Diadah held the basket and said, "Okay, I will." She went to gather more dates and picked most of them until her basket was completely full. Tzipporah raised a hand to shield her eyes as she looked at the sun in the sky. She said, "The sun is starting set. We should get these dates back to the village. Father is wanting to plan a feast for Victoria and Moses." She and the other adults pick up their baskets. She looks a Diadah and says, "That basket's pretty full. Do you need help carrying it?"

Diadah says, "A little bit. It's not that heavy, but I don't want anything to spill all over to the ground."

Tzipporah looks around and spots a smaller basket laying on the ground. She picks it up and says, "Here, pour some of them into this and you can carry this one. I'll carry that one, okay?"

Diadah said, "Okay, thanks, Tzipporah." With that, Diadah carefully poured some of the dates into the smaller basket and carried them as Tzipporah carried both baskets with ease towards the tent. Diadah hurries after her older sister with her basket. They and the other people placed the baskets with the rest of the food around the gathering. She watches the men gathering firewood and straw, then she noticed Moses heading for the tent.

She says, "Moses, we will all be gathering soon for dinner."

Moses smiles at her and says, "I won't be late. I'm just going to have a nap first. I've been out in the desert with no food or water for three days and got buried in sand."

Tzipporah shrugs and says teasingly, "Suit yourself. But don't blame me if you're late and miss everything, palace brat."

Victoria walks into the tent and says, "Me too. I've been traveling for hours and took residence in a cave when a sandstorm blew before falling asleep. I should get some shut-eye, too."

Tzipporah smiles, pokes her head inside, and says, "Alright. You two get some sleep. I'll come wake you both when it's almost time to eat. There are sleeping mats over there." She points to the pile of neatly rolled bedding in the corner of the tent.

Moses goes over to the pile and picks out a mat for himself, along with one for Victoria.

He hands it to her and says, "Here."

Victoria takes it and unrolls it on the ground saying, "Thanks, Moses."

Moses lays himself on his mat and says, "You're welcome."

Victoria laid herself on the mat and laid her red cloak over her body as a blanket, then she fell asleep. Moses rolls the mat out and lays down on his back. He stares at the ceiling for a bit and then falls asleep.

After a good sleep, Moses and Victoria woke up a little. Victoria yawned and stretched herself, then rolled up the mat and laid it by a few other mats nearby. Moses goes over to the tent and opens the flap for Victoria.
Delivering Hearts: Ch 27
Here's Chapter 27 of the story!

How's this one? Looks like Moses and Victoria are starting to adjust to their new life in Midian, along with making new friends. What happens next? Wait and see! I only own my OCs; the characters from the movie and the movie The Prince of Egypt belong to DreamWorks respectfully. Kind reviews and comments are accepted.

RP List:

:iconmonstarzgirl: : Victoria, guards, Hotep and Huy, Akila, Chione, Halima, Nailah, Tzipporah etc.

Shared roles with :iconwhirlpool24: : Moses, Rameses, Pharaoh Seti, Queen Tuya, Ephora, Ajolidoforah (Ajoli), Jethrodiadah (Diadah), etc.

Victoria's Midian Clothes:…

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For those of you who remembered my Nightmare Before Christmas story where Dani and Victoria get sucked into the videogame "Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge?" I deleted it and kinda felt like doing a better revision of it.

In honor of the first anniversary of :iconoslocarter: story "The Outside Characters", I'm thinking of making my old Nightmare fanfic brand new and better by having some of my buddies who are based off of some of the characters from "The Outside Characters". I've already planned on having my OC Victoria in this, along with having three more slots available to join Victoria's side as the girls join Jack Skellington to save Halloween Town from the evil Oogie Boogie.

The girls I can invite are:


If any of you girls are interested in being a part of this story, I would happily begin and start writing/posting chapters as well as making up some outfits for the story. For those curious about Soul Robber colors they want, I would gladly mention; I'm thinking of making mine either a lavender color or a neon pink color. If anyone's curious about what a Soul Robber is, it's the gooey thing Jack has attached to his wrist that helps fight off monsters with some neat combo moves.
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I love anything from Disney movie classics, especially Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, etc. I have 4 dogs and a bunny. I have HUGE sweet tooth for sweets like candy, desserts, ice cream, cakes, and brownies.

I loved watching the Cartoon Cartoons (Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab). I even loved watching the Disney cartoons from the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, Gargoyles, House of Mouse, Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch the Series, etc.

I'm also a fanfiction writer. I wrote some fanfics on Space Jam, The Black Cauldron, The Lion King, Tarzan, The Phantom of the Opera, Gargoyles, The Powerpuff Girls, and more. You're welcome to check them out and send nice reviews/faves. :)


For the new cover stories for my fanfics, I'd like to give a special thanks to my friend grapejuice101 from and She did covers for my Phantom of the Opera fanfic, Tarzan fanfic, The Mummy fanfics, and Gargoyles fanfics.

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